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Support for Children & Young People

If you are a child or young person who has experienced domestic abuse, we have a team here to support you. We know it can be hard, confusing and scary, but it is okay to talk. You are not alone. CASWA is a safe space for you.


I thought what was happening at home was normal

Young Person, aged 13

If Domestic Abuse is happening in your family or in your relationship, it is not your fault.

Domestic abuse does happen in some families and some relationships but it is not okay. CASWA is here to support you.


“CASWA has saved me…I think that if I hadn’t got support, I would not be the person I am today: strong, knowledgeable and happy.”

Young Person, aged 16 years.

Support at CASWA is children and young person-centred and –led, this means that support is about YOU and YOUR NEEDS and is delivered at YOUR PACE.

We will support you…

  • if domestic abuse is happening in your family
  • if domestic abuse is happening in your relationship
  • if you are male or female
  • regardless of your gender identity
  • if you identify as LGBT+

I would recommend CASWA to people who need support... I always feel happier after I have seen my CASWA worker.

Child, aged 10

We will…

  • Listen to you and your story
  • Believe you
  • Encourage to believe in yourself
  • help you to understand what has happened or is happening
  • Respect your boundaries and privacy
  • support and reassure you
  • Give you choices
  • Help you develop a plan for support which is unique to you
  • Give you time
  • Meet with you in a safe place

you get the attention and support that's needed to feel more reassured and confident about yourself. CASWA has helped me feel more positive

Young Person, aged 13

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