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How domestic abuse might impact me

Domestic abuse is serious and can be harmful. We are all individuals and it can impact on people in many different ways. 


Some of the impacts of domestic abuse may include:-

  • Feeling Isolated– Being distanced from friends and family which reduces your support system
  • Low self-esteem– Due to humiliation, degradation and unrealistic expectations set by your partner or ex-partner.
  • Exhaustion– Being mentally and physically drained.
  • Injuries– The type and severity of an injury can impact on both short and long term health.
  • Hyper-Vigilance– “Walking on egg shells”. Constantly watching for any changes in your partner’s behaviour and monitoring behaviour of self. This type of hyper-vigilance can continue after a relationship ends.
  • Debt– Due to having a lack of financial control.
  • Mental Ill Health– Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Self-harm, Substance misuse, Eating disorders, suicide.
  • Homelessness– Due to having to flee abuse
  • Confusion– Due to “Gas-lighting” behaviour from partner or ex-partner, it can become more difficult to keep in touch with reality.
  • Future relationship difficulties - Due to the impact of the abusive relationship, there may be difficulties with trust, boundaries, and knowing what a healthy relationship is. Low sense of self-worth can find women getting into a cycle of abusive relationships.
  • Disturbed patterns of sleeping/eating– Sleeping, eating and other basic needs may be controlled by partner of ex-partner.