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The Gift Project by Annie MacDonald

This is a new project in the making for CASWA! Our valued volunteer Annie has took it upon her self to organise and coordinate this fantastic project.


The Gift Project

In August 2019 a friend gave me a number of bags of children’s clothing, toys, a doll and a child’s seat.

Knowing that CASWA does not have the means to accept donations, I chanced that they might be interested to take what I had been given. So I met the CASWA team and between them they took almost all that I had and relocated it to individuals.

It was a rude awakening when I experienced this moment and realised that there was a vital unmet need in our community.

As a result of this I decided to launch The Gift Project. The plan, that I will stock new or nearly new clothing, toiletries ,linen , cot, toys and books.

Through family, friends and social media I have had amazing support,

time and donations. All the items are on a data base and the CASWA

Domestic Abuse Specialists can contact me with their needs.

I will box up the items and they will go out as a gift.

It’s early days, but it has already been of service.

Annie MacDonald.

CASWA Volunteer


I have had amazing support