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Some things we've enjoyed recently

Just a little blog about all the things CASWA staff are watching, reading and listening too. We have some great recommendations from across the team!


What CASWA is Reading, Watching & listening to:

We are working really hard behind the scenes during lockdown, but it is so important to take some time out and relax. Here are some things we’ve been enjoying in our own time recently;


  • “Jamie’s Keep Cooking & Carry On” series! Fabulous ideas – available on Channel 4 on demand online.
  • “Unorthodox” – Four part mini-series on Netflix.
  • “The Nest” – BBC drama set in Scotland, available on BBC iPlayer.
  • The Handmaids Tale – TV Series available on SkyGo App
  • Dumplin’ – Netflix Movie.
  • Brad Mondo Youtube Videos
  • Fathering Autism Youtube Videos – A family Vlog about life with their non-verbal autistic daughter. Really easy watching great family!
  • What the f*ck is going on- various interviews focused on the gender inequality in Spain and the work of the feminist movement to change this. Will closely resemble that of the UK movement and other European countries.
  • Movies from Studio Ghibli, These are well written female characters and great animations!
  • Normal People - BBC iPlayer
  • Corrie - ITV - Following the Geoff and Yasmine storyline
  • Isolation Stories - ITV

TED Talks:


  • Normal People – Sally Rooney.
  • Trauma is Really Strange – Steve Haines
  • The Simple Things Magazine
  • Circe – Madeline Miller, about a god who was bullied and banished for being different she goes on to build a life for herself despite many obstacles and hardships.
  • Pride and Prejudice – Jane Austen – all Jane Austen Novels are great in our eyes mostly because of how well written the female lead is and they are never damsels in distress but strong, confident women who find their equal.
  • Why Mummy Drinks – Gill Sims. This is a really funny read and great for some light hearted reading time.
  • Women on The Edge of Time – Marge Piercy
  • The Handmaid's Tale - Margaret Atwood (1st book in our CASWA bookclub you can find us here )


  • The Guilty Feminist – Podcast
  • Lean In & Listen – Available via London Philharmonic Orchestra YouTube, Instagram Pages. A quick listen – approx. 10 mins of therapeutic musical calm. Great wind down at the end of the day!
  • Happy Place with Fearne Cotton – Available on Luminary (Free App)
  • The Mindful Kind with Rachael Kable – Available on Luminary (Free App)
  • Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris – Available on Luminary (Free App)
  • Happier with Gretchen Rubin – Available on Luminary (Free App)