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Let's Reflect


Let’s Celebrate CASWA 2018 – 2019

We recently took some time to recognize some of caswa’s achievements over the past year!

Take a look at some of the amazing things that have been happening.

  • 202 new referrals across both our services.
  • A new Children & Young Person’s Worker joined the team
  • We became GDPR compliant
  • West Coast Project
    • We’ve been working extensively to increase awareness of our services on the west coast of our catchment areas. This has proved a difficult area to reach in the past, however we have seen an increase in engagement.
  • 6371 support hours given across both services
  • Job Title Change we are now Domestic Abuse Specialists
    • This has had a really positive impact to our service, and our voices as workers being recognized at meetings etc.
  • CASWA Website Launched
  • Funders feedback
  • Instagram Launched
    • We launched our Instagram this year and it had proven to be very popular with us reaching 282 followers already!
  • Ask Me Project
  • Care Inspection – we are proud to say that we rated Excellent on our most recent care inspectorate visit!
  • New IT Platform
  • Raising Awareness 40 Events- We completed 40 events across caithness and sutherland to help spread awareness of our services.
  • Reduced hours
  • Appraisal Change - Our Appraisals are now much more appealing to staff and something which is looked forward to.