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Activites and Resources Update


We understand that this is a difficult time for everyone. Juggling long days without the usual routine, home schooling, trying to keep the children entertained and occupied... It isn’t easy!!!

We’ve revamped our blogpost from last year with some new ideas and have collected some resources we love or we think children might enjoy. We hope these will be helpful during this period, whether it is activities to use to support home schooling or ideas to entertain the children to keep them occupied for half an hour or so! And don’t forget: you can join in too – get creative, jump around with the kids to PE with Joe, sing along to some music, sit down and listen to a story – while these resources are aimed at children and young people, they aren’t just for children!

*Please remember to look at all undernoted resources yourself first to check they are appropriate for your child and their age/stage. Please note, we have quickly collected the information together and have not gone through each resource with a fine-toothed comb, nor have we been able to arrange resources by age and stage. The resources below are simply some ideas collected together which may be helpful to provide a helping hand*

Getting into a Routine

It is really important to create a wee bit of structure to our days just now, some helpful tips on the websites below.

…If your plan or routine doesn’t go “to plan” (and sometimes it definitely won’t) – don’t worry, that is okay, change the plan or just go with the flow for that day! And remember: do what works for you and your family.

Being Active

Let’s burn off some of that energy and get the children moving:

  • PE with Joe returns for 2021 – PE classes on You Tube with the Body Coach (Live every Mon, Wed and Fri 9am, but accessible anytime (large backlog of previous classes on YouTube)). Link to the Body Coach’s You Tube Channel, search PE with Joe
  • Cosmic Kids Yoga – Yoga, mindfulness and relaxation for children. Link to the YouTube channel:

Relaxation & Mindfulness

It is a stressful time for everyone at the moment, don’t forget to breathe! Building some relaxation and mindfulness into our days can really help. Here are some resources and ideas:

Educational Resources

Home Schooling isn’t easy…here are some educational resources to freshen things up and keep your children learning and engaged.

Arts, Craft and Play

Arts, crafts and play are sooo important right now! Get stuck in yourself and get messy, laugh and have some fun creating and playing!

Animals, Wildlife & Nature

If your child loves animals, wildlife, nature…these might be for them!

Free Printable Downloadable Activities

Some other bits and pieces we’ve found and love – and good news, they’re free!

Resources Around Covid19

We are currently living through a pandemic, our lives have changes so much. The pandemic has raised lots of questions, feelings and concerns among children. Some of the resources below may help you as a parent and be useful for your child. As we said at the start – please review these yourself first.

General Support/Resources for Parents

If you find any other great resources that have been helpful to your family, do let us know and we’ll add these in! If you are working with us and finding things difficult, do get in touch and our team will do what we can to help!

If you aren’t working with us but your family have experienced domestic abuse, please see our Services page for more information. If you would like to refer yourself and/or your child/ren, please do get in touch.

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